Kelsey Fleharty

Kelsey Fleharty grew up in Alaska prior to moving to the Lower 48.  Her practice is concentrated primarily on workers’ compensation defense.

Workers’ compensation lawyers need to have a detailed understanding of the nature and treatment of injuries. With this understanding, defense attorneys can better advocate a client’s position concerning what compensation, if any, should be applicable under the law

Kelsey’s interest in workers’ compensation law stems from her interest in learning about medical matters.  She believes that a critical part of effective workers’ compensation defense representation is not just to know the law, but also to understand the medical epidemiology of injuries, and the recommended treatment.  With this knowledge, she is able to better question plaintiff medical and vocational experts.

In addition to her workers’ compensation defense, Kelsey has also developed a passion for child advocacy, which began during law school.

In her free time, Kelsey enjoys hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and club volleyball.