Sarah Z. Cohen

Sarah Cohen grew up in Portland, and spent the majority of her life living in Oregon.  Her practice is focused on workers’ compensation defense.

Not all workers’ compensation cases are clear-cut in terms of the extent of injury or the duration of treatment.  This is particularly true with psychological claims.  I help clients understand the nature of these cases through working with doctors and other professionals, so clients can determine how to proceed.

In addition to representing clients in workers’ compensation claims arising out of physical injuries (such as back and shoulder injuries), Sarah has a particular interest in representing employers in psychological claims, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  She has also been involved in the Firm’s representation of municipalities concerning firefighter presumptive laws, which shift the burden of proof in many types of firefighter cases (such as cancer) from the firefighter to the municipal employer.

When not practicing law, Sarah is an avid international traveler.  She also enjoys photography, watching obscure movies, spending time with family and friends, and participating in pub trivia games (a popular Portland pastime).