Washington workers’ compensation defense lawyer Aurora Levinson’s practice is focused on representing and defending employers in workplace injury claims.

Practicing workers’ compensation law affords attorneys the opportunity to be somewhat of a Renaissance person, as they must learn not only about evolving areas of law, but also about treatment, anatomy, disease, workplace conditions, and how a work environment can affect people over extended periods of time.

In her practice, Aurora reviews claims files, helps employer clients understand their exposure, and provides advice as to actions that clients can take that will help minimize their exposure.  She particularly focuses on meticulous file review and careful application of the law to each case.  Through a comprehensive review, she is often able to identify facets of a case that might be very helpful to supporting an employer.

Aurora is fluent in both English and Spanish, having been raised in both the United States and Mexico.  Aurora received her undergraduate degree in Political Science from ITESM in Monterey, Mexico.  She is active with the Latino population in Portland.

Outside of the office, Aurora enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and taking walks.