Bradley G. Garber

Successfully representing clients is achieved through distilling the key legal and factual matters of a case, developing an approach favorable to our clients concerning such matters, and convincing a court that our client’s view is legally correct.  My representation is centered on such key matters – not on ancillary issues.

Workers’ compensation defense attorney Brad Garber is the son of military parents, and grew up primarily in Osseo, Wisconsin, where his dad is a physician.  Much of his workers’ compensation practice is focused on representing employers in Oregon, and, to a lesser extent, in Washington.

Brad has appeared numerous times before the Oregon Court of Appeals, through briefing appellate cases and presenting oral arguments.  He has also appeared before the Oregon Supreme Court.

Away from the office Brad is engaged in a number of diverse activities.  He is a published poet and essayist, photographer, artist, musician, mountain climber, trail runner (and, in the past, an ultra-marathoner).  He has also worked as a model.