Brittany January

I enjoy working with a wide range of businesses – ranging from larger companies to entrepreneurs and start-ups.  I consider it a privilege to help employers make decisions that help injured employees get back to work while vigorously protecting a company’s financial stability and growth.

As a native Oregonian who grew up on a 60-acre farm in Beaverton, Brittany January witnessed the unique challenges faced by employers in both metropolitan and rural areas.  Brittany uses her unique perspective to offer pragmatic and skilled guidance to employers in numerous industries in workers’ compensation matters, helping them to efficiently and cost-effectively comply with their legal obligations.

Before joining the firm, Brittany served in several legal positions involving civil litigation and workers’ compensation law.  As a Senior Law Clerk to the head Lane County Circuit Court judge, she conducted extensive research and facilitated arraignment, sentencings, litigation, ex parte, and civil hearings and trials.  She also clerked for nonprofits and private businesses, generating legal opinions, memorandum, and contracts concerning occupational safety, environmental practices, trademark applications, intellectual property, risk management, labor and employment, workers compensation, and other complex business issues.

Before embarking on her journey to become an attorney, Brittany honed her legal skills in various paralegal positions, immersing herself in Oregon and Washington civil litigation.  In these positions, she drafted numerous memoranda, pre-trial motions, judgments, jury instructions, discovery requests, contracts, and orders regarding workers’ compensation, employment regulations, and business law.

Brittany is an avid animal lover who regularly devotes her time to volunteering within the local community.  When she is not running with her dogs or pursuing other outdoor activities, she can be found knitting headbands and earmuffs or preparing health food bags for the less fortunate.  She also enjoys a competitive game of Dungeons and Dragons, traveling, and listening to music.