Christopher E. Fender

Attorney Chris Fender’s interest in the cause and treatment of injuries began by spending too many afternoons in athletic training rooms following football practice in high school and college.  Chris has been involved in the insurance defense field since 2003, when he worked as an auto insurance adjuster for Farmer’s Insurance in Long Beach, California prior to attending law school. Chris began working in the workers’ compensation field in 2011. Throughout his legal career, Chris has represented insurers in first and third party actions in coverage lines such as property, auto, title, and workers’ compensation.

One of the benefits of practicing workers’ compensation law is the opportunity to interact with employers and help determine what courses of action can maximize their interests

Chris believes that lawyers should be strong advocates on behalf of their clients, and should do their absolute best to keep clients informed and equipped with objective feedback.  In this regard, Chris enjoys digging deep into claims to determine any and all hidden angles to a given dispute.  In so doing, Chris has found he is able to help clients make decisions that best suit their interests.

Apart from his legal practice, Chris and his wife have two small children and two small dogs.  When not chasing them around, he can be found manning the grill or lording over the stove.  Chris enjoys jogging, playing basketball, cooking, spending time on the Oregon coast, and watching Notre Dame and University of Oregon football whenever possible.