Elyse Lopez

Attorney Elyse Lopez is a proud Oregonian native who has worked on workers’ compensation matters since 2013.

Prior to joining the firm, and before passing the bar, Elyse worked as a paralegal in workers’ compensation and personal injury matters at other law firms.  This experience has helped make Elyse a more well-rounded attorney, as she appreciates (and can anticipate) the arguments that opposing counsel may make.

Good workers’ compensation defense lawyers focus not only on effective advocacy in specific cases, but also how to implement solutions that will drive down the over-all cost of a workers’ compensation program.

Elyse developed a passion for workers’ compensation from taking a class in this area while studying for her degree in Paralegal Studies.  As a practicing lawyer, Elyse enjoys the structure and administrative procedures inherent in workers’ compensation law, as well as the opportunity to have trial practice before administrative law judges.

In addition to practicing law, Elyse enjoys spending time with her one-year old niece.  She is also a Trailblazers’ fan, and an unabashed supporter of the Oregon State Beavers (despite the university’s current lean times in athletics).