Gregory Reinert

Attorney Greg Reinert joined the firm with eight years of practicing workers’ compensation defense in Oregon and Washington.

Communication and medical investigation are at the heart of my practice.  We investigate the unique circumstances of each claim to best advise clients on how to move towards a successful resolution.

Greg believes the practice of law is ultimately about problem solving. Effective communication is critical to workers’ compensation defense, where complex problems often require fast solutions.

Greg is experienced working with difficult claims, particularly where an injured worker is not progressing as expected.  Successful resolutions require a comprehensive understanding of the law and how it is applied to the facts of each case.  Greg enjoys the opportunity to constantly learn about medicine and different industries.

Greg and his wife Christine have two young children, and they enjoy an active lifestyle outdoors and around Portland.  Greg is an avid photographer and keeps busy working on projects around the house.  In his limited free time, he likes to play golf and tennis.