Meagan Wilkerson

As the child of a small business owner, Oregon Workers’ Compensation Attorney Meagan Wilkerson grew up desiring to become a lawyer who could help hard-working entrepreneurs and companies navigate the complexities of work-injury and compensation matters.

Because my father was a dedicated small business owner, I understand firsthand how challenging it can be to run and maintain a successful company, especially when work-injury matters arise. As such, it is unfathomably rewarding to help businesses and insurance companies protect their bottom lines and best interests when navigating complex workers’ compensation matters, helping to minimize liability and risk for companies while ensuring workers receive the appropriate care they deserve, nothing more or less.

Meagan’s practice is devoted to offering a full range of workers’ compensation defense services to self-insured employers, federal and state government agencies, and insurers, including risk management programs and litigation defense. She represents clients in workers’ compensation claims, from inception to full and final resolution, in the highest courts of Oregon.

Before joining Wallace, Klor, Mann, Capener, and Bishop’s workers’ compensation defense team, Meagan was an Associate Attorney at MacColl Busch Sato and Knapp Davis Chartrey LLC, where she concentrated on business, real estate, and construction law.

When not practicing law, Meagan can be found running through the picturesque Oregon landscape or engaging in a challenging spinning class. She also enjoys spending time with her two beloved cats and nurturing her culinary talents, creating delectable soups.