Vytas P. Babusis

Many attorneys are overly risk-adverse, and are too quick to tell clients “no.” I believe it is critical for attorneys to engage in a thorough analysis of a matter, and advise clients of the risks so that they can make informed decisions based upon their risk preference and objectives, and get them to “YES!”

After working in Europe for fifteen years as national manager for the largest English language education provider and starting his own school for youth, Attorney Vytas Babusis transitioned back to the States to renew his family roots in the Pacific Northwest. As part of this transition, while tapping into his past as a wind farm entrepreneur, and to accommodate his own entrepreneurial aspirations of managing a family farm, Vytas delved into local business statutes and regulations, sparking a deep passion for the law.

Recognizing the need for pragmatic, practical, and cost-effective legal guidance within the small business and agricultural communities, Vytas dedicated himself to the law, with a mission of finding creative solutions designed to control costs, manage risk, add value, and support the key objectives of family businesses and companies throughout Washington and Oregon.

Vytas’ practice is devoted largely to worker’s compensation defense, labor and employment law, business law, and food & ag law. As the manager of a family farming operation, Vytas often uses his own experiences to craft unique, out-of-the-box solutions for local farmers, agricultural operations, and business owners.

Like WKMCB’s other attorneys, Vytas is fervently dedicated to getting the best outcomes for clients in every case. He believes that, all too frequently, risk-averse attorneys are too quick to tell clients “no!” As such, he has made it a mission to thoroughly analyze the needs of each client and provide strategic and pragmatic guidance to get them to “YES!”.

Vytas was appointed by the Italian Government, and U.S. State Department, to the role of Honorary Consul of Italy for the State of Oregon to provide consular services and encourage economic development and build cultural ties between Italy and the State of Oregon.

When not practicing law, Vytas can often be found working around his family farm with his family or volunteering his time as a Merit Badge Counselor for the local Boy Scouts, and educating youth on land stewardship and holistic management.